Waypoint Dental

About Us

Waypoint is the Industry Leader

Combining 25 plus years of laboratory and manufacturing experience with a team of highly trained and skilled technicians equipped with the right mix of technology has positioned Waypoint as a leader in the industry. Of course, all of this means nothing without our customer-focused approach to managing our business.

We are fully committed to providing the most competent and comprehensive customer service in the industry. From Individual Account Managers who routinely visit your office and work with staff to ensure we’re meeting your needs, to Customer Service, Inside Account Management, and Technical Customer Support, we’re here to support you — the individual customer.

We continually make every effort to improve our business processes to provide more value for our clients. We consider it to be fundamentally imperative to invest in our team members through ongoing education, training and career development. Our Team is our most valuable asset, and we want to assure you that we’re committed to providing the resources to make them the best in the industry.

The Waypoint Quality System ensures quality and consistency by managing quality control in each step of the design and manufacturing process. We have combined Total Quality Management (TQM) and Lean Manufacturing to form a balanced customer-focused approach to our business. Your satisfaction and that of your patients is the driving force to continually improve our business process.

Embracing Innovation

Committed to embracing innovative technology in order to enhance our product quality, consistency and cost structure, we have made significant investments in state of the art equipment including Scanning and CAD/CAM manufacturing equipment. We have been involved in CAD/CAM dental restorations since 2003. This has allowed us to make dramatic improvements in areas of Crown & Bridge and Implant Dentistry. We have also invested in system matched processing equipment to ensure our products perform to the optimal level of their design.

This Strategy has also allowed us to bring higher quality products to the market at a more competitive cost, allowing our clients to provide outstanding care to patients across a broad economic spectrum.

At Waypoint we continue to integrate innovative technology that will enhance our customers’ experience, raise the level of patient care and add value to our business processes. We will only integrate technology that is proven clinically through the proper clinical research channels to ensure the products we provide are safe and effective. Whether you choose a standard process or a digital approach we are prepared to work with you to provide outstanding products that meet your requirements.

We are also committed to bringing continuing education directly to you and your staff through on-site training, lunch and learn programs, educational materials, study club support and presentations, and hosting presentations with key clinical, laboratory and industry leaders.

We are focused on the fundamental purpose of making a positive impact in the lives of all of our stakeholders: Clients, Patients, Communities, and Employees.